tangible T4 editor plus modeling tools 2010

tangible T4 editor plus modeling tools 2010

Quickly write your own Code Generator via T4 Text-Templates (.tt-Files)
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Quickly write your own Code Generator via T4 Text-Templates (.tt-Files).
T4 is used in ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework and many parts of .NET. The Microsoft T4 Generation Engine is already built into Visual Studio, however Visual Studio does not provide an Editor for it. That is why we created the tangible T4 Editor for Visual Studio. You can now accelerate your projects by adopting Microsoft T4 today and generate the code you need directly from diagrams, database schemas, xml files or other sources - Write less, achieve more.

The T4 Editor for Syntax Highlighting and Intelli-Sense allow you to author your own code generators in Visual Studio that read from diagrams, xml or any other data source.

-T4 Syntax Highlighting for C#, VB.NET, C, C , Java, PHP, SQL, MSIL, Python, Batch Files, PASCAL, PowerShell, IL, JSCRIPT, VBSCRIPT, CSS in output text code and T4 Code Sections in C# or VB.NET
-T4 Intelli-Sense, Intelli-Prompt and Statement Completion for T4 Code Sections. Intelli-Sense will look at all assemblies and namespaces indicated by the import and include pragma. (*Limited support for namespaces in the FREE EDITION)
-Generating from UML-style Diagrams (* Not in FREE EDITION)
-Syntax Error Reporting in Error List and via Text-Highlighting for errors inside the T4 text template
-Template Gallery - Access & Share T4 Templates in our Gallery or in your Workgroup
-Support for #Include Directive, this makes types visible to importing template's Intelli-Sense
-Support T4 Toolbox which includes XSD Directive, Multiple output files and more.
-Drag and Drop XML Files and Diagrams onto T4 Editor get T4 Code to generate from them.

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